My name is David Ian Howe. I'm a professional archaeologist trying to help popularize the science  of anthropology. I currently run an Instagram page called Ethnocynology which posts about the ancient relationship between humans and dogs. I'm also in the process of producing educational videos about anthropology called Howe and Why Productions.  Let’s collaborate.


Master of Arts: Anthropology - University of Wyoming 2017

Bachelor of Arts: Anthropology - University of Tennessee 2014

Registered Professional Archaeologist (RPA)


I spent my childhood on Long Island, New York and my high school years in Nashville, TN. I then attended the University of Tennessee and started studying anthropology.  I got my start at the Topper Clovis Site in South Carolina, and attended my first field school at an Early Archaic shell midden in Nashville, TN. I have also worked at the University of Tennessee's Forensic Anthropology Center and studied a group of chimpanzees at the Knoxville Zoo. I later started graduate school at the University of Wyoming where I became the well-rounded four field anthropologist I am today.

My time in graduate school landed me an internship at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, NY, but more importantly, took me into the backcountry of Wyoming where I learned how to be a field archaeologist and environmental scientist.  I worked with a crew on the Wyoming Army National Guard base where we surveyed, tested, and assessed hundreds of sites for NRHP eligibility - inducing archaic quarries, Shoshone villages, and Oregon Trail homesteads. I also participated in the National Geographic funded excavations at the LaPrele Mammoth Kill Site in Douglass, WY, as well as the Canyon Creek Rock Shelter Project in Bighorn National Forest, WY. 

I also have three years experience as a technician and Graduate Curation Assistant at the University of Wyoming Archaeological Repository. From curating, managing digital databases, to drafting security and hazard protocols, this experience has given me the ability to run and operate a federal or private curation facility. 

After working with SWCA Environmental Consultants for a stretch, I started working for New South Associates, Inc - a contractor of the United States Army Corps of Engineers. At New South, I work as an Assistant Manager at the Veterans Curation Program in Augusta, GA, assisting recently-separated American veterans transition into the civilian workforce in a relaxed, curation setting.  I spend my down time writing, researching, and filming, but you can usually find me hanging out with friends downtown, hiking, or playing with my dog, Strider.  

-David Ian


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